Teeth Whitening Services in Olathe

Recreating Rays is proud to use the SunnaSmile in-studio teeth whitening system. This revolutionary teeth whitening system is pH neutral, silica, gluten and lactose-free, making it available to anyone who has teeth or digestive sensitivities. The whitening system does not use bleach or harsh lighting to bring the teeth past their original whiteness.

The in-studio teeth whitening system consists of both red and blue light and a peroxide-based whitening gel. The gel absorbs the blue LED light which "excites" the peroxide molecules into breaking down faster. It provides activating energy that speeds up and improves the performance of whitening. The process only penetrates the tooth enamel and does not cause damage to it. Meanwhile, the red LED light emits a wavelength that stimulates cellular energy that can help heal small cuts or abrasions in the mouth. Together, the two lights and the peroxide gel create a system that both whitens and heals.

Most people experience little to no sensitivity from the 20 minute in-studio whitening session.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

The night before your session…
Brush teeth and gums gently. Avoid vigorous brushing to prevent micro abrasions along the gum line that can lead to sensitivity. Do not floss.

The day of your appointment…
Do not brush within four hours of your appointment time for the same reasons as above. If your appointment is in the afternoon or evening, carefully brush as instructed above.

After your appointment…
Water only for one hour and no staining food or drinks for 24 hours. This includes but is not limited to red wine, soda, coffee, tomato-based products and sauces (yes, even BBQ sauce). If you wouldn’t want it to stain your white shirt…you don’t want it to stain your newly bright white teeth either! If any sensitivity occurs during brushing, simply brush gently until sensitivity subsides (usually within the first 24 hours).

You will be given an after care “reminder” card at your appointment.

Teeth Whitening Pricing

20 Minute In-Studio Whitening Session - $99
One session is the equivalent of 150+ whitening strips or 25 whitening syringes! Most clients will whiten 2-5 shades with their first session.

Two 20 Minute In-Studio Whitening Sessions within 14 days - $175
Want to see more dramatic results? Come in for a follow up session within 14 days of your initial session and save $24! (Book a single session and let our staff know you would like to take advantage of the two session discount when you’re in. Full payment required up front for second session which MUST be booked within 14 days of initial session.)

Smile & Glow - $125
Book your teeth whitening and spray tan session back-to-back on the same day and save $19!