Here's the low down on how it works.
Some of our most frequently asked questions are answered below...

Is spray tanning safe?
As with anything, sensitivity or allergies can occur, but they are rare. If you have ever had adverse effects using any self-tanning products or moisturizers, you could experience similar effects with spray tanning. The active ingredient in airbrush tanning solution is DHA (dihydroxiacetone). DHA has been FDA approved for topical application and used for self-tanning since the 1960s. When DHA comes in contact with the amino acids of the skin, it creates a natural chemical reaction that causes the skin to appear tanned.

Is spray tanning safe for pregnant women?
Fact is, there have not been any studies done on the inhalation of the spray and pregnant women. Therefore, we always recommend that women check with their doctor before making an appointment. You can rest assured, though, that our tanning rooms are well ventilated and we also offer nose filters and/or a mask to wear while you are sprayed, therefore preventing any inhalation as much as possible. Please let us know if you are pregnant when booking your appointment so that we can take these steps.

I've had a spray tan before and the results weren't great. Why is Recreating Rays different?
If you read our reviews you will see that we are truly MASTERS of spray tanning. Our goal with every single spray tan we do is for absolutely no one to suspect that your glow is faux! Therefore, we pay extra special attention to those tell tale signs of a spray tan. We also use our education and knowledge to choose a solution from our lineup that will very closely mimic your skin's natural undertones (or balance them, if need be). We also only use the highest-quality products available worldwide. We have high standards and while you may have to pay a little extra for us to carry those out for you, we promise you will be glad you did.

When should I schedule my spray tanning session?
Weddings: We recommend scheduling your session 1-3 days prior to the event. We also HIGHLY recommend a trial run at least two weeks before any big event to ensure you are happy with the outcome, you don't have any sort of adverse reaction and to help you select the perfect date for your session.
Vacations: Schedule your appointment as close to your departure date as possible, but keep in mind the timelines below for the length of time you must wear your solution prior to rinsing.
Just Because: Any time is a great time for a spray tan! 

How many times do I need to spray tan to achieve the color I want?
Everyone’s skin type and color is unique. You will be tan after one session! You may want an additional session to achieve a deeper color, but this is rare.

How long do I have to wait before I shower after my session?
For most of our solutions, we recommend at least 12-24 hours prior to showering, but this can be adjusted based on your skin type and desired outcome. If you choose a rapid tan, you can shower in as little as 3-6 hours. If you will need to shower in less than 12-24 hours, please discuss your options with us.

How long will my tan last?
This varies so much from person to person, but the average is anywhere from 5-10 days. Skin type, lifestyle and maintenance of the tan can cause even each individual's results to vary from session to session. We can help you with a good body care regimen that will help you extend the life of your tan, if you would like.

Do I have to take off all of my clothes for the application?
No. This is a personal choice. You can undress to your own comfort level. You can wear a bikini, swimsuit, g-string, bra and panties or be naked – it’s up to you! Male clients must wear some form of boxers or briefs.

Does airbrush tanning protect me from the sun?
No. Airbrush tanning does not protect you from the sun. You still need to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. Spray tanning in no way gives you a "base tan" and there are no ingredients contained in the solution that provide sun protection.

What products should I avoid after my session?
Remember, do not get wet in any way (this includes sweating, washing your hands, etc.) until your first warm water rinse of the solution. After this, we highly recommend you avoid soaps or body washes that contain sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate (SLS). This is going to be almost any drug store brand soap or body wash...and especially Dove! We recommend any sulfate-free or naturally-based soap or body wash for maximum results. And no matter what soap or body wash you are using...your best bet is to only "soap the essentials".

Moisturizing is so important to the longevity and even fade of your tan, but most drug store brands are simply not spray tan friendly. The only drug store brand we can recommend is CeraVe. Any lotions containing mineral oil will break down your tan and cause it to fade prematurely. We carry high-quality moisturizers at different price points to help extend the life of your tan as long as possible. Want a great moisturizer on the cheap? Coconut oil is a fabulous alternative!

Any sort of products containing acids like alpha hydroxy acids, citric acids or glycolic acids (used in a lot of facial products and anti-aging products) are meant to aid in the exfoliation of dead skin cells from the skin's surface. Should you use a product containing any of these, your tan will fade within a few days.

If longevity of your spray tan is of concern, please express that to us at your session and allow us to help you with products that will keep your faux glow going as long as possible!

I've never had a spray tan and I have no idea what to expect! Help?!?!
Watch the video below to see us in action! This is a glimpse into the tanning process.