Welcome to Recreating Rays! Your new spray tan obsession!

I’m Shonna, the creator of this little airbrush tanning studio in Olathe that has turned my life upside down in a really great way. I’m also a wife, the coolest stepmom ever (if I do say so myself) and total tomboy who has grown to love all things girly.
Born a pale girl with brown hair, blue eyes and freckles, the word “tan” was never a part of my vocabulary growing up. I was teased relentlessly for my see through skin! The teasing led me to terribly orange self-tanners and eventually tanning beds, too. Unfortunately for me, tanning beds only resulted in burns, little color and more freckles. In early 2013, seven years after my last tanning bed visit, those burns also led to a diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma. And in early 2014, my first run in with melanoma. If I knew then what I know now…
When spray tan booths came into fad in the early 2000′s, I gave them a shot only to leave looking like something from another planet. Nearly 10 years later, at the prompting of a friend, I decided to give airbrush tanning a try. I enjoyed the results, but was not completely pleased with the color or the service. Something inside of me told me I could do it better so I embarked on a hunt for the perfect tanning solution for all skin tones (even the pale ones like mine). I found it and after many months of research, training and practice…Recreating Rays was born.
That was July 2011 and today I’m fully entrenched in the spray tanning business, providing more golden glows than I ever could have imagined! In addition to owning and running Recreating Rays, I’m also the founder of Association of Sunless Tanning Professionals, the sunless tanning industry’s first professional association committed to raising the bar of professionalism in the sunless industry. I am passionate about this industry and I was born to be a part of it…it just didn't exist for most of my life!

On the rare occasion that I'm not tanning or working on ASTP trainings and curriculum, you will find me at concerts, sporting events or my husband's local BBQ competitions. 
Come give Recreating Rays a try. You will be glad you did! We can't wait to meet you and give you a gorgeous faux glow!

Allow me to introduce you to...
Kristen Coolidge

 Kristen coolidge, rr overland park spray tan specialist

Kristen coolidge, rr overland park spray tan specialist

After five years of building the reputation of Recreating Rays to five star status, it became evident that the demand for our spray tan services would soon outpace my ability to fulfill that demand on my own...while still holding steadfast to the customer service principles this business was built on. I would not, nor will I ever, allow the quality of our service to be diminished by shortening appointment times or skimping on the details.

Enter Kristen.

Kristen is a licensed esthetician in the State of Kansas as well as one of the best people I know. I approached her about joining my RR BronzeSquad because I knew she would be the perfect fit. She knew how to spray tan...she just didn't know the Recreating Rays way of spray tanning!  With her attention to detail, outgoing and fun personality and her commitment to never sacrificing the reputation I have worked hard to build, she is now my right hand gal for all things RR. And when you tan with Kristen, you can rest assured that you will be treated to the same great service and results that you expect...and that I expect...no matter WHO is serving you.

Kristen's esthetics background makes her knowledgeable and passionate about all things skin care related. She is also a mom to two smart and beautiful teenage girls and wife to her equally as outgoing husband, Curt. When she's not working you will likely find her at the lake or at one of her husband's gigs as he plays bass guitar in a few local bands.


Recreating Rays is a JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE! We don’t believe in body shaming and don’t think you should either. You can rest assured that no one is giving a second thought to what your body looks like, so please don’t be nervous. If you read our reviews you will see that we specialize in making you feel comfortable and beautiful. Every person who comes to RR nervous leaves saying “I don’t know what I was so nervous about”. We know you will, too! We won’t judge you and hope that you can find a way to leave your insecurities at the door…and stop judging yourself along the way.